Codemanship Ltd was founded in 2009 specifically to help developers and teams build the skills and habits that we know lead to software that’s more reliable and easier to change.

jg_recent_feb2019Jason Gorman, Managing Director, has 25 years of experience in software development and has worked with a wide range of clients and industries as diverse as banking, telecoms, media, e-commerce, law and logistics. He is chair of the original Software Craftsmanship conference, and his web site parlezuml.com has provided guidance in UML, use cases, OO design, architecture and Agile Software Development to over a million visitors since 2003.

Jason is an active supporter of WWII code-breaking heritage site Bletchley Park, and produced Boffoonery!, a comedy benefit in aid of the charity in late 2009, which starred the cream of British comedy including Robert Llewellyn, Dave Gorman, Richard Herring and Stephen Fry (download it from iTunes and Amazon)

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